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kikurochan [userpic]

Herpderp update!!

April 25th, 2011 (03:03 am)

So um yeah, this may seem late but HAPPY EASTER!! 

I spent my day working my retail job at a local outlet mall, I almost strangled myself but i digress, its not worth it!! I also went over my wonderful cook of a boyfriend's house and had ribs for easter dinner.  For a dainty little person, I DEVOURED his ribs like a true barbarian!  ^^; After the noms were eaten we went to see a crappy little movie called Insideous.  It was genuine piece of garbage.  Please don't waste any of your good earned money to see it!  Though I gotta say it was utterly hilarious in some parts! :D Seeing a small child bitch slap glasses off a grown man in my opinion is comedy gold!! 

But a couple weeks ago I went to a meet-up at Fairmount Park with the ever-so-lovely Philly Lolitas and had a smashing time!! I'm very excited to be doing more meet-ups as the months pass by.  Unfortunately money's been very tight so I think I can only do one meet-up a month or so.  Though, once I find a new job I think things will be looking brighter.  :D

Here was the outfit I wore~

I wore my MAM dress, Innocent World Blouse, Meta socks, Baby Bag, AP bow, I was like a greatest hits cd, a little bit of each brand I like.

I've also come to the conclusion that:  I really need more lolita items.  Eventually, I will save some money to the side to grab some low-priced lolita items though various sources. But lately I've been looking at BodyLine and am quite impressed!! I know one of these days ill be getting some bloomers in.  Group orders are quite fun! :D Hopefully I'll be able to have enough to pick up some candy violet clearance, since she's clearing out most of her lolita-esque items!! 

Uh, but I have no idea what else to talk about so here's a random picture for all to enjoy! :D 

I love you David Lee Roth~<3