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kikurochan [userpic]

Herpderp update!!

April 25th, 2011 (03:03 am)

So um yeah, this may seem late but HAPPY EASTER!! 

I spent my day working my retail job at a local outlet mall, I almost strangled myself but i digress, its not worth it!! I also went over my wonderful cook of a boyfriend's house and had ribs for easter dinner.  For a dainty little person, I DEVOURED his ribs like a true barbarian!  ^^; After the noms were eaten we went to see a crappy little movie called Insideous.  It was genuine piece of garbage.  Please don't waste any of your good earned money to see it!  Though I gotta say it was utterly hilarious in some parts! :D Seeing a small child bitch slap glasses off a grown man in my opinion is comedy gold!! 

But a couple weeks ago I went to a meet-up at Fairmount Park with the ever-so-lovely Philly Lolitas and had a smashing time!! I'm very excited to be doing more meet-ups as the months pass by.  Unfortunately money's been very tight so I think I can only do one meet-up a month or so.  Though, once I find a new job I think things will be looking brighter.  :D

Here was the outfit I wore~

I wore my MAM dress, Innocent World Blouse, Meta socks, Baby Bag, AP bow, I was like a greatest hits cd, a little bit of each brand I like.

I've also come to the conclusion that:  I really need more lolita items.  Eventually, I will save some money to the side to grab some low-priced lolita items though various sources. But lately I've been looking at BodyLine and am quite impressed!! I know one of these days ill be getting some bloomers in.  Group orders are quite fun! :D Hopefully I'll be able to have enough to pick up some candy violet clearance, since she's clearing out most of her lolita-esque items!! 

Uh, but I have no idea what else to talk about so here's a random picture for all to enjoy! :D 

I love you David Lee Roth~<3

kikurochan [userpic]

...I need to go on here more! >_>

March 25th, 2011 (01:11 am)

current location: Middle of Nowhere, New Jersey
current mood: accomplished
current song: Daft Punk - Derezzed

So, I really haven't been going up on here too much...so I'm making it a spring resolution to write more in live journal!! I'll plan on uploading art, outfits, crazy shenanigans...etc.! Whatever I seek fit I suppose! For now I'm experimenting on how this works...so whoever reads this, please excuse my new-bish tendencies~ 

So lately in my life I've been busting my butt for finals.  This quarter went by with handfulls of challenges but I've managed to come through with them in semi-flying colors! (exciting! D:) Now I'm off for a little over a week. I'm so excited I could just dance...but I really just want to catch up on all the lost sleep I've had! Very fun times indeed! 

Outside of school I've been obsessing over Leiji Matsumoto! I really need to find more of his movies and actually get to finishing Galaxy Express 999!  His colab with Daft Punk for Interstella was phenomenal!  His ways of storytelling are top notch, not to mention his designs for his female characters are simply to die for! I love their decadent hair!! 

I mean seriously who wouldn't want hair like that? XD

Old school anime's just been grabbing my interest as of lately.  It's even been showing in my work, I did a handful of fanart pieces from Gatchaman, Galaxy Express, and even Yatterman.

Doronjo from Yatterman~

Maetel from Galaxy Express 999

~Didn't get to upload Swan from Gatchaman, but this will come eventually! 
But as for now I really should hop into bed! I'll try to upload more the next time I'm on here!! 
Later days,

kikurochan [userpic]

Such a Newb~!

February 8th, 2010 (08:44 pm)

current mood: chipper

Hello to whoever cares, I am Laura, aka: KikuroChan, Lauradorable, Awesomesaurus, and many other names I cannot think of at the moment! But, I am a newb to this site that calls itself "LiveJournal" I hope I can meet new and awesome people out there in the world! So then~! I'll proboblay upload cosplay, artwork, dorky pictures and many other things on here...I'm actually not too used to this blogging.  I've actually never have done it before (unless you consider journals on deviantart) Regardless, I hope my blogging skills can improve once I get used to this thing~! 

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