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The Life and Times of Lauradorable

30 August
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I'm a dork, and very proud of that...plus I like anime and manga, I'm obsessed with japan and its pop culture. cute things make me very happy! ^_^ my life is like a disney movie.

If I were to put my life in a nutshell that would be it but theres more. I graduated High School in 2008 and I'm currently going to the Art Institute of Philadelphia studying for animation. My big dream is to make it big in the animation industry and make awesome shows like the ones I grew up with. To put it simply, I'm an all around dork, I love anime and manga (yay for cons and cosplay), read Harry Potter, have an unhealthy obsession with Japan and other asian countries (I've visited Japan and Hong Kong September of 2008 and I want to go back so badly), I'm a lover of disney and not to mention that I wish I was a power ranger (pink is my color of choice.) I also love japanese street fashion. I love dressing lolita and decora. The styles are very inspiring for both my wardrobe and my artwork.
animation, anime, cartooning, decora, disney, drawing artsy stuff, gothic lolita, harry potter, himegyaru, japan, jpop, jrock, tokusatsu sentai, visual kei